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A graduate of Concordia University (1984 - Bachelor of Arts, with a specialization in Translation), I started my career as a Translator in 1988 at Algonquin College , in Nepean, Ontario (near Ottawa ). During my stay there, I was extremely fortunate to work with experienced translators who showed me the tricks (and traps...) of the trade; thanks to these fellows, I gained useful experience and insight in the field of Translation and French-language writing (not to mention Black Jack, our favorite lunch-time sport!).

Technical Writer
Algonquin's Translation Department closed its doors in 1990, so I had to move on. Opportunity came knocking thanks to Guy Morazain, one wild and crazy guy who happened to head La Cité collégiale's Computer Department. They needed a technical writer, mainly because none of their programmers and programmer-analysts knew how to write a sentence in French without making fools of themselves (they still don't!). So I became a Technical Writer.

The experience and knowledge I gained have been quite considerable, not to mention lots of fun time with La_Gang (as we nicknamed ourselves). They got me hooked me on computers and I've never looked back since then. As for the Internet, La Cité linked to it in 1992 (via ONET ); ever the visionary, Guy pushed us to learn as much as we could about this (then) new and powerful tool. Of course, as always, he was right...

In 1991, I decided to set up my own French-language services company: Traduction/Rédaction Louis Rondeau (later Comme L'aiR). My (very very) small company is based on one simple, but effective, principle: give the clients quality services at a reasonable price.

For more information about myself, please read my curriculum vitae .


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